11 Mar 2020

Tel-U Students Become Champion at the Fisheries Competition and Education Festival at the Fisheries College, Jakarta

Telkom University – One of the teams from Telkom University became a champion at the College of Fisheries, Jakarta, on 15-18 February. The competition called FISIONTICAL (Fisheries Competition and Education Festival) is held to encourage the millennial generation to express ideas and innovations in the field of fisheries to make Indonesia an internationally recognized world maritime axis.

The Sapanutu team consists of Amri Khurniawan and Sri Dewi Sartika from the Telecommunications Engineering study program, and Tria Ananda from Telecommunications Technology. They achieved the second (2nd) place in the category of Fisheries Appropriate Innovation for Student level participants.

This team competed with several campuses until the final round. There are Jakarta Fisheries STP, Siliwangi University, KP Sidoarjo Polytechnic, KP Pangandaran Polytechnic, ITNY, and Bogor Agriculture Institute. When interviewed they admitted that the most competitive campus was from STP Jakarta.

“Our preparation starts with the ideas design and the finalization of the work that has been done before. The use of space-building algorithms and machine learning based on image processing are Sapanutu’s outstanding features,” said Amri, a member of the Sapanutu team.


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