15 Feb 2020

Telkom University Gives Appreciation to 386 Outstanding Students

Bandung – Telkom University through the Directorate of Student Management routinely organizes the “Achievement Appreciation Night” which aims to give awards to students who achieve both national and international achievements held in Gd. Resin on Friday, (2/14). With this kind of activity, it is hoped that it can continue to nurture the enthusiasm of students to continue to be able to score both academic and non-academic achievements.

In his report, Director of Student Management Desy Dwi Nurhandayani said that Telkom University this year succeeded in penetrating the 21st rank as a university with the best student achievements.

“This event is an appreciation for the Student Activity Unit (UKM) because it has carried out various activities and programs from each UKM well and has successfully completed its management for 1 year,” he said.

In this activity, Telkom University also provides rewards in the form of scholarships to a total of more than 1.2 billion. Vice Chancellor III for Admission, Student Affairs and Alumni Dr. Didah Diah Damajanti said, hopefully this scholarship can continue to motivate students to continue to excel.

“There is an increase in the number of scholarships from 950 million last year, because our achievements continue to increase,” he said.

Furthermore, the scholarship granted is outside the regular scholarship budget which has so far been able to finance more than 1,300 students. “This is specifically for 386 students who succeeded in scenting their alma mater through national and international achievements in the year 2020,” he continued.

In addition to giving appreciation to outstanding students, tonight will also be an event to award five best Student Activity Units (UKM), as follows:

1. Hindu religious UKM (spiritual sector),

2. UKM Search (reasoning field),

3. UKM protocol (social sector),

4. Taekwondo UKM (Sports sector), and

5. Tel-U Choir (art field).

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