18 May 2020

The Research Road Map

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University through the Directorate of Research and Community Service organized a Technical Workshop on the Compilation and Research Proposals. The event was attended by at least 200 participants through the Zoom Application on Monday (5/18).

Research for a lecturer is one of the tri dharma of higher education that must be undertaken by a lecturer. In the research process, the importance of proposing is a requirement of whether the research is excellent or not.

In this workshop Prof. I Wayan Darmawan shared tips and tricks in preparing the research proposal of the Research and Technology Research Department

Prof. Wayan explained that in the process of creating research proposals, the researcher must pay attention to the road map of proposing proposals. First is the milestone of research activities period is 5-10 years ago or 5-10 years to come, then the road map must include 3 parts; namely market research, applied research, and development research.

“In making a road map, we should make it in the form of diagrams to make it easier to visualize, and the outcome of the road map can be in the form of articles, IPR, or patents.” He said.

How about creating the next 5-10 years of research organized, Prof. Wayan explained that the researcher must read the updated journals starts from now.

“Look for research-related journals that we want to make, that is, the most up-to-date journals, so we can develop what we should be like.” He said.

Telkom University Rector Prof. Adiwijaya expressed his gratitude to Telkom University researchers, during this pandemic; they were still enthusiastic in conducting research and continuing to innovate.

“Hopefully, through this activity, Tel-U researchers will be able to produce beneficial innovations for institutions and Indonesia.” He said.

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