27 Feb 2019

Increasing Concern about Citarum, Telkom University Held a Rubber Boat Competition

BANDUNG, Telkom University – ASTACALA Telkom University Student Activity Unit (UKM) together with Sector 7 Task Force of Citarum River held a rubber boat and kayak race which took place in Sector 7 of the Citarum River, Sukamukti Village, Rancamanyar District, Bandung Regency, Sunday (24/2).

Ivan Yohannes as the chief executive of the activity explained, the purpose of this activity was to increase the awareness of local community towards Citarum River, where the river had to be a place of recreation and water sports. Beside that this activity was also as a form of Telkom University’s support for citarum harum program.

“Through this activity, we invite people to make Citarum River a playground, so that people will be more alert if the river is polluted”. He said.

Ivan added that for the past month the team routinely held training to paddle along Citarum River.

“The training aims to prepare the community to take part in the competition and educate the public to be able to make safe and independent rafting after the activity,” he said.

The participants in this competition among others were students from UPI (Indonesian Education University) paddling student activity, local youth clubs, and local residents. In addition to the competition in this activity, the inauguration of clean water installations and Waste Management of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle (TPS3R) were also held.

Beside that, Telkom University also gave away kayak to local residents so that it can be used as a means of playing on the river.

The event was opened by the Siliwangi Regional Military Commander Major General Tri Soewandono. Also present were representatives of West Java Province Government, representatives of Bandung City Government, and representatives of the West Java Regional Police Chief.

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