06 May 2020

Tips on Becoming Startup Founder from Aruna Indonesia Founder

Zoom – Center of Learning & Open Education (CeLOE) Telkom University organized a High School Webinar Series that started from May 6 to May 20, 2020. This webinar series is specifically for high school / vocational/equivalent students throughout Indonesia, entitled “Getting Brainier in 10 Days” will be available in 10 episodes with different topics and speakers for each episode, isn’t it interesting?

This webinar series kicks off was opened by Telkom University Rector Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya. He delivered that this website is Tel-U contribution to educate the nation. “We can learn wherever and whenever. This website will be useful for all of us. Hopefully, the material shared this time can be popular in the future, because in 2045 the youngsters today will lead this nation. “The rector said.


The first episode of the Webinar Series entitled “Jangan Cuma Berani Bermimpi Jadi Startup Founder” invited the Director-General of Aruna Indonesia, Utari Octavianty, S.M.B. and Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Lia Yuldinawati, S.T., M.M., ACC Tel-U.

Brief information about Aruna, Aruna is a technology company engaged in marine and fisheries. Aruna’s mission is to create a sustainable and equitable fish and seafood trade ecosystem for actors involved in it such as fishermen and buyers. Aruna is determined to inspire the use of sustainable marine resources for economic growth, improve the standard of living of the community, and also the sustainability of the marine ecosystem

Utari Octavianty said that Aruna focused on helping small fishermen. “We focus on small fishermen because we think they are already organized in financial management and human resources. Our commodities include Crab, Snapper, Grouper, Lobster, and others. Our business model is Business-to-business, selling large quantities to other companies in export or domestic.

Utari also provides tips on building a startup, Dare to Start; Looking for market needs; Looking for fast timings; Have a solid team; Creative business ideas; and focus on strengths.

The second topic was from Tel-U FEB Lecturer, namely Lia Yuldinawati, S.T., M.M., ACC. At the beginning of the discussion, she discussed the concept of VUCA, which stands for

Volatile: a volatile business environment, changing very fast and happening on a large scale. Uncertain: the difficulty of accurately predicting what will happen. Complex: challenges become more complicated because of the multi factors that are interrelated. Ambiguous: the ambiguity of an event and its chain of consequences.

“So in building a Startup, leaders are required to have a clear but flexible and adaptive long-term vision. As Aruna did, the timing and meeting the needs of the market were very precise. So that it can be like now. Aruna is also in line with the geographical basis of Indonesia, which is the Maritime nation. “said Lia.

Lia also explained that the soft skills needed by the Industry today are Communication, Leadership, Time Management, and Collaboration. “These four things become the main capital of colleagues to be able to compete in this fast-paced era.”said Lia.

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