Telkom University does not only focus on developing the academic aspects of students, but also pays great attention to non-academic aspects. To encourage students to be active in activities, Telkom University has developed a Student Activity Transcript (TAK). TAK is a measure of students’ extra / Intra / co-curricular activities, as a form of reward that students are entitled based on their activities. TAK aims to help and equip students to be ready to enter the community, especially in the soft skills field. This soft skill ability is one of the important demands in winning the world of work competition. All Telkom University students don’t need to participate because TAK will be given in the form of an academic transcript when the student graduates. The function of TAK is a requirement for attending final assignment/thesis / final project sessions, getting scholarships, and following the selection of outstanding students. The elements that become an assessment factor in implementing TAK are activeness in supporting the Tridharma of Higher Education, Campus Student Organizations, and Off-Campus Organizations which are usually obtained by becoming members or participating in Student Organizations (Ormawa), Student Activity Units (UKM), and Basic Organizational Leadership Exercises (LDKO). The minimum cumulative value of TAK depends on the study program pursued such as a Bachelor with a cumulative score of 60 points, a Diploma 45 points, and a transfer of 15 points.