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FEB TEL-U has a Vision to become the Faculty of Economics and Business which is internationally recognized in 2020 based on the creative development of science and the application of information and communication technology to contribute maximally to the development of the dignity of the Indonesian people.

FEB Tel-U continues to improve its quality towards World Class University. Two of the three study programs under Feb. have been accredited by PT-tires with accreditation A, namely S2 study program Management and Study Program S1 Telecommunications and Information Business Management. While accredited undergraduate study program S1. S2 Management Study Program has also been internationally accredited by ABEST21 (The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st century organization), in addition all existing processes have been guarded by ISO 9001: 2008,

This website provides information related to history, information about study programs, academic information, and information about the activities at FEB Telkom University. In addition, this website also provides job information as well as scholarships that greatly help alumni and students. This website is our gathering tool and the entire academic community, management, lecturers, TPA, students, alumni, stakeholders, and also the community. Hopefully it can be useful for those who need it.