17 Dec 2018

Industrial Gathering 2018: Link & Match Concept is a Form of Telkom University Responsibility of Delivering Graduates to the Professional World

Jakarta, Ritz Carlton – Telkom University keeps trying to provide the best for the graduates who want to contribute to the professional world, one of which is to establish as many cooperation as possible with industries / companies one of them through the event of Industrial Gathering & Best Employer Award 2018 with the theme Leadership from The Beginning of a Career on Thursday (12/13).

This activity aimed to be able to open insights on how to manage Human Resources, also to foster leadership since beginning of a career; to open opportunities for cooperation in generating innovation in HR management in companies; to give appreciation to industries / companies who have absorbed graduates and given contribution; and a form of existence of Telkom University in the Industrial / Corporate world.

The Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya officially opened the event which was hosted by Tel-U Career Development Center, in his speech he said graduate competency was the top priority at Telkom University. So that academic quality would be continously improved.

“Many study programs at Telkom University have been accredited nationally and internationally. We improve our academic quality regularly. We achieved QS Star ranking, an international accreditation institution, 5 stars for Employability category. We prepare our alumni to be ready to compete in global market. We hope for the support and collaboration of all partners, to continue to support us to become one of the best world-class universities. Hopefully this meeting will bring goodness and blessing to us all, “said Adiwijaya.

In this event, Telkom University also established an official cooperative relationship (MoU) with Telstra Telkom which is currently led by Erik Meijer, as President Director / CEO. The MoU covers the absorption of graduates from Telkom University who want to have a career at Telstra Telkom. Considering that Telkom University has produced thousands of competent graduates who are ready to meet the needs of the industry. It is a moral responsibility for universities, to deliver the best graduates to the professional world. So that the concept of Link & Match continues to be considered and maintained by Telkom University.

In the Link & Match concept, there are three components that need to move simultaneously for this concept to run. The three components are Universities, Companies, and Government. Creativity and intelligence of university managers is a necessity and a determining factor for the success of the concept.

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) EVP Human Resources Director, Ahmad Didi Ardianto, filled out a Talk Show that discussed Leadership from the Beginning of a Career. According to him there are four stages for someone to be able to lead a company. First, Leading Self, Leading Other, Leading Team, and finally Leading the Organization.

The four stages have two sides, namely People and Business. It is the role of HR to be able to balance these two sides when managing HR. Ardianto also asked HR personnels to be able to find HR who have leader composition. So that they are easily formed to become leaders in the future.

“It is necessary to think of looking for Human Resources who have a leader composition. So we can easily form them as leaders in the future. I am sure, graduates of Telkom University have strong leadership composition, “said Ardianto.

The event continued with delivering appreciation to industries / companies that have absorbed and recognized the competencies of graduates from Telkom University, it consisted of five categories: Telecommunications; IT Services & Solution Company; Talent Management; and Manufacturing.