06 Aug 2018

Kick Off Fun Sport 2018: Real PRIME Values ​​Application at Telkom University

Bandung, Telkom University – It has become a routine agenda every year, Telkom University holds Fun Sports whose purpose is as a means to unify academic community and is also a tangible manifestation of the values stated in PRIME (Professionalism, Recognition of Achievement, Integrity, Mutual Respect and Entrepreneurship).

Kick Off Fun Sport was held in Situ Techno which was escorted directly by the Vice Rector of Finance and Resources, Nelson Rikardo Pasaribu Ir., S.E., M.M. He fully appreciated this activity and was proud of the application of PRIME values.

“This is a series of Telkom University’s 5th Anniversary which we will soon be held in mid-August. We will have Fun Sport, Fun Arts and Fun Games activities. I hope it’s useful for those of us who participate in the events, “Nelson said.

The Kick Off took place starting 07.00 in the morning, dozens of staff accompanied by university heads started activities with doing exercises together. In addition to maintaining fitness, getting to know each other between units is the other goal of the activity.