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The Faculty of Creative Industry (FIK) or the School of Creative Industries is one of the faculties of the University of Telkom (Telkom University) which is engaged in the field of Art and Design education which focuses on the development of education in 14 Creative Industry sectors. In the beginning, the Faculty of Creative Industry at the University of Telkom was a transformation from Telkom's Indonesian Art and Design College (STISI Telkom) which has been active for more than two decades since its inception in 1990. At the beginning of the establishment of the Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty (d / h STISI Telkom) became a pioneer of private high schools that have the most comprehensive study programs in the field of art and design based on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) by providing graduates the ability to become Youth Creativepreneur and civilized archipelago.

The University of Telkom's Creative Industry Faculty has 5 excellent and most complete study programs namely, S1 Visual Communication Design (S.Ds), S1 Interior Design (S.Ds), S1 Product Design (S.Ds), S1 Textile Craft and Fashion (S. Sn) and S1 Fine Arts (S.Sn). Since transforming into the Faculty of Creative Industries, it was noted that until November 2017, the Faculty of Creative Industries has graduated as many as 1,507 graduates who until now have been giving a lot of color to the development of creative industries in Indonesia. Evidenced by the implementation of the quality of education, teaching and commitment carried out, bringing the Faculty of Creative Industry of the University of Telkom to achieve many achievements in the field of Art and Design, as given the title as THE BEST SCHOOL OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN 2014 version of Marketing Mix.