29 Jan 2019

Telkom University Became Host of the 2019 Islamic NexGen Festival

Bandung – Minister of BUMN, Rini M. Soemarno visited Telkom University Convention Hall to officially open the Islamic NexGen Fest event on Sunday (27/1/2019). Besides Rini, this event was also attended by directors from several state owned enterprises (BUMN) such as BTN, Pertamina, Telkom Indonesia Group, Wika, and others.

“Based on data collected, 56 percent of BUMN employees are millennial generations out of a total of 1 million employees. Through this generation we need to be more innovative, creative and collaborative, “Rini said while giving a speech in front of the audience consisting of Islamic school students, students and employees of BUMN.

The Spirit of Millennial program was initiated on the 2018 Youth Oath Day in Bontang, East Kalimantan. This included the Coco Festival in Surabaya, Games Day, Glowing Night Run in Jakarta, and Islamic NexGen Festival in Bandung.

Millennials of Telkom University were also very enthusiastic in participating in the Islamic NexGen Festival, there were 236 Tel-U students attending this grand event in West Java. Each faculty sent its representatives to showcase their work in the booth that had been provided, some startups developed in Bandung Techno Plex also enlivened this event.

Rector of Telkom University Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya appreciated the Islamic Nexgen Fest Event. Telkom University was proud to collaborate with the BUMNs because it is aligned with campus vision to create competent millennial generation.

“Telkom University currently has 7 faculties and 31 study programs. The total number of students reaches 28 thousand. From this data, we are clearly an educational organization that manages millennials who, with God’s will, will become leaders of this nation in the future,” said Adiwijaya.