13 May 2019

Telkom University “Bukber” with Orphanages

BANDUNG, Telkom University –The tradition of Bukber or joining breakfasting takes place in Indonesia during the month of Ramadan, “Bukber” tradition is also a venue for friendship and reunion to meet friends and relatives.

In order to strengthen the relationship and kinship that is close among fellow academics, Telkom University holds a “Bukber” for Tel-Utizen starting from the Leaders, lecturers, deans, and all staffs. In addition to being attended by Tel-Utizen, the Bukber program with the title “Ramadhan Berbagi” also invited 300 orphans from 8 orphanages from the City and Regency of Bandung.

The bukber event held at the Selaru Building (Faculty of Applied Sciences) Telkom University on Friday (10/5), also gave compensation to 8 Orphanages and to 300 orphans who attended the event.

The Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya on his speech said that in this blessed month through “Bukber” activity Telkom University wanted to share a little joy with the people in the orphanage.

“We (Telkom University) hold this event as well as a gathering for fellow academics, which is in line with one of Telkom University value that is Harmony. We expected this activity can establish harmony among fellow academics.”

Also present at this event was the Deputy Regent of Bandung Regency Gun Gun Gunawan who delivered a spiritual speech with the theme “Increasing the Spirit of Work and Worship through the Spirit of Ramadan”.

“The work we do in this month of Ramadan is not only judged by our superiors but will also get more value from Allah SWT, therefore sleeping in the month of Ramadan is worship but living our work in the month of Ramadan can increase our practice in this blessed month,” said Gun Gun