31 Oct 2018

Telkom University Students Became a Delegate at Jogjakarta International Model United Nations (JIMUN)

Bandung – One of Telkom University’s students became an official delegate at the Jogjakarta International Model United Nations (JIMUN) event on October 25-28 at the JW Marriott Hotel. He is Farsha Kautsar, Student of Industrial Engineering Faculty in Industrial Engineering study program 2017.

At this year’s JIMUN event, the topic of discussion regarding Preserving Rights and Duties in the International Realm of Anarchy was raised. According to Kautsar, she was in the Special Political and Decolonization Council discussing the human rights of indigenous people of a country after undergoing decolonialization.

“Before attending this event, I did as much research as possible about the topic of discussion, so I could follow the discussion readily. I also received an appreciation as a Diplomatic Decommendation by the meeting leader. ” he said.