24 May 2019

Increasing Security System, Telkom University Launches Command Center

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University (Tel-U) as a campus with 50 hectares area which covers approximately 30.000 students where 7,000 of them stay in dormitories needs 24 hours on 7 days of security supervision.

Seeing this, Telkom University launched Telkom University Command Center in the Telkom University Media Gathering on Thursday (23/5). Tel-U Command Centre which is located in L building was officially launched by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya.

Tel-U Director of Logistics and Assets Nurwijayadi said that in Indonesia Tel-U was the first campus to use this facility. The launch of the latest Tel-U security system facility is to improve the security and comfort for all Tel-U academics.

“Currently, we have installed approximately 115 CCTV out of 300 target CCTVs that are spread throughout Tel-U starting from the outdoor area to the classrooms and lecture rooms.”

In addition to CCTV monitoring, Nurwijayadi explained that the logistic unit also provided 5 Panic Buttons spread over several points at Tel-U, as well as a 24-hour call center that is directly connected to the Command Center team.

“There are 5 Panic Button points including the Tel-U Lake, Tokong Nanas Building, between the Faculties of Communication and Business and the Faculty of Economics and Business, Business Centers and Student Centers, if there is an Urgent matter, just press the panic button and later it will be connected to the officer via the operate camera in the panic button location. Besides that, Tel-U academics can also contact the call center at 0811 2296 100, its available for whatsapp or SMS. “He explained.

In the future, Nurwijayadi added that the Command Center will be improved, it would be integrated with smart parking to calculate and record the number of entering and leaving vehicles in the Telkom University area.”

“Soon, the Command Center will also connect with Smart Parking in the Tel-U area so that if there is flawed parking, unlock vehicles or even clumsy driver who forgot to turn off the light, we can contact the vehicle owner directly.”.

Besides launched the Command Center, the Rector of Telkom University also launched a new facility for the academics, namely Hello Rector, a web-based application.

Prof. Adiwiijaya said that this application is intended for all academics where both students, lecturers or staff can directly give their aspirations both complaints, criticisms and suggestions.”

“In the future, all the academics can access SSO and able to communicate their aspirations only by clicking halorektor.telkomuniversity.ac.id, I expect this application becomes a place to express their aspirations for us to establish good Telkom University.” He said.