31 May 2018

Ular Tangga Reborn, Educative Game Increases Communication Ability Made by Telkom University Students

Bandung, Telkom University – The capability to use Indonesian language in a proper manner is currently an important asset, a group of Telkom University students on Wednesday (5/30) conducted a Student Creativity Program (PKM) entitled Ular Tangga (Snakes and Ladders) Reborn in a Bandung middle school.

Ular Tangga Reborn is initiated by 3 Telkom University Students, namely Ervina Dianawati (Communication Science 2016), Ahmad Mumtaz (Telecommunication Engineering 2014), and Musniyah Ayunita Muzakkir (Communication Science 2016) supervised by Communication and Business Faculty (FKB) lecturer, Cut Irna.

Cut Irna explained that Ular Tangga Reborn is a an educative Snakes and Ladders game to increase communication skill of  student of Gading Regency Open Middle School.

“We want Open Middle School students to be able to communicate well once they graduate. Capable of delivering opinions as well as ideas that they have clearer,” she said.

At the moment, the education activity was conducted in Gading Regency Open Middle School in Bandung and went on from Wednesday (5/30) until Friday (6/1). There is future possibilities of other schools to feel the excitement of playing Ular Tangga Reborn.

In practice, the students are given a snakes and ladders board as well as a giant dice. On every squares, there is an education challenge. For example, there are certain squares that requires students to do certain praying motion, citing pancasila passage, and so on. It is believed that this learning while playing method will ‘stick’ better to the students.