04 Aug 2017

5 BUMN Universities Interlace the Cooperation

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Five state-owned universities agreed to work together in the forum of Alliance of State-Owned Enterprises (APERTI BUMN). The five state-owned universities are PLN Technical High School (STT PLN), Pertamina University (UP), Telkom University (TEL-U), Logistics Management College (STIMLOG), and Universitas Internasional Semen Indonesia (UISI).

APERTI BUMN that has vision To be an advanced and superior alliance through synergy among universities of BUMN and other universities in Indonesia include educational activities, research and community service as well as contributing in national development especially human resource quality improvement.

On Wednesday (2/8), located at 3rd Floor, Griya Legita Building, Pertamina University, Teuku Nyak Arief Street, Simprug, South Jakarta, agreed on the leadership structure of APERTI BUMN for period 2017 – 2019, including:

Prof. Akhmaloka, Ph.D, Rector of UP, was elected as Chairman;
Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari, M. Eng., Ph.D, Rector of TEL-U, as Vice Chairman,
Dr. Ir. Supriadi Legino, MM., MBA, Chairman of STT PLN, as head of Research and Development;
Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. Herman Sasongko, UISI Rector, as head of education;
Nurlela Kumala Dewi, ST., MT., Chairman, STIMLOG as Treasurer.

According to Akhmaloka, APERTI BUMN is needed because these five universities have specialization which is needed by industry, STT PLN has specialization in electricity, TEL-U in Information and Communication Technology, Pertamina University in Energy, STIMLOG in supply chain , And UISI in Civil.

“This should be the basis for why we must synergize, because both PLN, Pertamina, PT Pos, Semen Indonesia, Telkom, and even most companies in Indonesia, definitely need human resources experts in these areas,” said Akhmaloka.

In line with Akhmaloka’s statement, Nurlela explained the mission of APERTI BUMN, there are:

1. Cooperating to fight for the interests of members of state-owned university alliances to become advanced and superior universities contribute to national development, especially to create quality human resources.
2. Plan and implement quality synergy activities that contribute to national development
Improve the ability to learn together among alliance members in realizing APERTI’s vision.

Supriadi explained that one of the advantages of Universities joined in APERTI BUMN is close to the industry. This enables members to implement Triple Helix (Academic, Business, and Government) concepts together. “It is time we make an applied research that suits the needs of the industry. An example is the Electricity Population Research as a solution of garbage and electrical solutions conducted in Pondok Kopi Village, East Jakarta and on STT PLN campus, West Jakarta with distributed generation method which creates a garbage and pv solar power plant in both on grid and off grid schemes Through simple, small-scale technology that reverses the conventional centralized electric paradigm that not only builds generators, but also has to think about transmission, distribution, service, to operational & maintenance, “Supriadi explained. “Until now the stage is still research and development, but it can be proved to be waste to material, waste to energy, and waste to power.

Until July 2018, a number of state-owned enterprises and local governments are willing to finance the development of populist electricity ready to be implemented in 15 locations in Bali, Java and Sulawesi with research and development. At least Community Electricity requires 30 portfolios so that a blue print, formula, and business model for broader development can be made for the needs of remote communities in Indonesia. Of course this can not be done only by STT PLN, but all members of APERTI BUMN can work together to perfect the study of Electricity Population.

In the scope of education, Hermawan said that APERTI BUMN will contribute in the field of education for the underprivileged in Indonesia with the mechanism of financing CSR BUMN. “CSR BUMN become very beneficial for the underprivileged people to continue their higher education. The result will be exploited by the SOEs. In addition there is efficiency in terms of operational implementation of education, such as the preparation of curriculum and equalization of subjects, exchange of lecturers, utilization of facilities such as laboratories and libraries “, he continued.

As the oldest state-owned universities in Indonesia, TEL-U is confident that APERTI BUMN will benefit all members of the Indonesian community as well. According to Ashari, APERTI BUMN should be used as a forum to optimize the position of its members in the eyes of the public and in the eyes of related corporations. Because of this synergy is needed so many activities that can be done together including from the public policy in the field of energy, electricity, ICT, to logistics.

“Since we are an education-based alliance, there are many things we can recommend to the government so that we can all support each other, especially in terms of expertise and experience in making a recommendation on the policy to be taken by the government,” he concluded.

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