Not only focusing on academic activities, Telkom University also encourages students to be active in non-academic activities. Telkom University facilitates students to be active through the Student Activity Unit (UKM). The Student Activity Unit is an organization under the Directorate of Student Affairs, whose members are students with the same interests and hobbies. This Student Activity Unit is a forum for students to carry out non-academic activities to develop their talents and potentials. In addition, this Student Activity Unit can also help students socialize and gain experience. There are 51 UKM that can be participated by Telkom University students, as follows:

1. Aceh Student Cultural Unit (UKMA) (download)
2. AVI Pictures (download)
3. Word Balloons (download)
4. Band (download)
5. Betawie (download)
6. Dhawa Tjap Parabola (download)
7. Eka Sanvadita Orkestra (ESO) (download)
8. Dew Art Workshop (download)
9. Telkom Photography (download)
10. Kalimantan (download)
11. Large Families of Sulawesi Students (KBMS) (download)
12. Bali Art of Widyacana Murti (download)
13. Nippon Bunka – BU (download)
14. Telkom University Choir (Paduan Suara) (download)
15. Lampung Student Association (PERMALA) (download)
16. Rumah Gadang (download)
17. Samalowa Lombok Sumbawa (download)
18. Sariksa Wiwaha Sunda (SAWANDA) (download)
19. Point Theater (download)
20. Family Association of Riau Islands (IKRAR) (download)
21. Maluku and Papua Student Association (IMMAPA) (download)
22. Academy Archery of Telkom (ARCHATEL) (download)
23. Telkom University Badminton Club (TUBC) (download)
24. The Ball (download)
25. Basketball (download)
26. Capoeira Brazil Telkom University (download)
27. Student Chess Association (PCM) (download)
28. Karate (download)
29. Riverside Softball – Baseball (download)
30. Taekwondo (download)
31. Tennis (download)
32. Merpati Putih Pencak Silat Martial Empty College (PPS BETAKO)  (download)
33. Telkom University Esport (download)
34. Telkom University Volley Ball Club (TUVBC) (download)
35. Journalism Literacy (download)
36. Central Computer Improvement (CCI) (download)
37. Indonesia Young Entrepeneurs Association of Higher Education (HIPMI PT) (download)
38. Indonesia Marketing Association Student Chapter (IMA SC) (download)
39. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (download)
40. Student Cooperative (KOPMA) TelU (download)
41. Student Activity for Research and Competition Handling (SEARCH) (download)
42. Student English Society (SES) (download)
43. Campus Da’wah Institution (download)
44. Hindu Student Family (KMH) (download)
45. Christian Student Fellowship (PMK) (download)
46. Nature Lovers Student Family (KMPA) (download)
47. Corps Like Willing the Indonesian Red Cross (KSR PMI) (download)
48. Student Protocol Corps (KPM) (download)
49. Scout (download)
50. Paskibra (download)
51. Telkom University Education Movement (TEAM) (download)