25 May 2016

A 5G Version of Rizal Ramli for Young Entrepreneurs

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Minister of Maritime Coordinator of the Republic of Indonesia (Menko Maritim RI) Rizal Ramli encouraged young entrepreneurs to generate the economic changes in Indonesia.

The statement was delivered on Jambore HIPMI ASEAN on the second day which took place at Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH), Tuesday (24/5). Rizal Ramli as speaker provided materials on the Indonesian economy and equitable development.

This event also attended by Deputy of Youth Development Dr. H Sakhyan Asmara, MSP, Managing Director of Bank Mandiri, Kartiko Wirjoatmodjo, HIPMI founder, Abdul Latif and lTop Management of Telkom University.

Rizal said, nowadays, there is no regret to do the startup for the small and medium businesses. It is is because President Joko Widodo will eliminate the complicated or the hinder rules in the process of establishing bussiness.

So what is the special tips from Rizal Ramli for a young successful entrepreneurs? Ministers who become controversial with his “Rajawali Ngepret” share 5G tips.

The first G is God, means how we surrender to God.

Second G is Gesit brain (agile brain, red), which means that we must take advantage of the brain and our mind to think smart and continue to develop ideas which live in our brain.

Third G is Gesit hands (nimble hand, red), that is how we are able to create a unique things which different from others.

The fourth G is Gesit Communication (sociable, red), which means we should be able to adjust ourselves, develop friendships and relationships with many people. “Create a positive social environment,” he said.

While the fifth G is Guts (courage, red). “Once we mastered the fourth ‘G’ above, we must courage to act and dare to start,” he said. (Purel / AW)

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