13 May 2015

A Movie Lover Hangout Together

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Student Activity Unit, Telkom Film Forum (UKM FFT) Telkom University held a Sharing Session “ Story & Movie Script Writing” themed “Dari Kita Jadi Cerita”. The event held in Barbeq-You, Jl. Bengawan Bandung, Sunday (3/5).

This event is the second time event since the FFT established in 2014 ago. The purpose of this implementation program is to develop and train the skills of making a film script, also maintain good relations with the movie community outside Telkom University.

“We wish the participants can absorb basic knowledge as well as the initial stages that must be done in making film, such as searching for idea and making a script,” said Tika Hardyati as the chairman of the event.
The event was attended by coach of Telkom Film Forum Teddy Hendiawan and the participants who came from film community in Bandung, such as ubuntu, ITB, UPI and STSI. To enliven the event, also attended by the speaker of Traffic Light Pictures Crew, namely Lulu Fahrullah, Abdulah Gifar, and Sofyana Ali Bindiar as a script writer in various works of short films.

In addition to train screenplay making, this activity also intended that in the future the members of the film community more and more to produce good and quality films.
(Purel / Nisa)

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