19 Jul 2016

A Short Movie by FIK Students Aired On Asian Movie Channel

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Short movie by director Stella Maliangkay, Visual Communication Design students from School of Creative Industries Telkom University (DKV FIK Tel-U) managed to aired on the website viddsee.com which contains short movies in Asia.

Entitled Ruang Renung (A Thoughtful Room) picked up the story about the grown-ups of women’s psychological, which is packed with conflicts of termination of employment (PHK) and matchmaking. “The teenage girl at a certain age generally become more ‘denial’ and ambitious,” said Stella.

The idea of ??“a thoughtful room” was visualized through a collaboration with the producer, Dicka Pratama (DKV-13 Multimedia). The Outline was taken from the values ??adaptation about matchmaking and PHK. “My idea was the PHK and the matchmaking was from Dicka, and we collaborate the two stories, become A Thoughtful Room ‘,” said Stella.

Stella added, A Thoughtful Room was the result of assignment from Studio 4 subjects which should be worked within a period of one semester. “However, there are a lots of obstacles then we just had two weeks before final exam,” he said.

According to Stella, the movie was submitted to viddsee.com website last May. After going through a rigorous process of curation, finally, on June 20 announced via email that the movie passed the curation from vidsee.com “Finally my movie passed the curation and notified by email directly from the website developer to my personal email,” she said.

Another information from Stella, She explained that a movie shown in viddsee.com not arbitrary, it must passed a very rigorous process. “Indonesian Short Movie which shown on this channel is dominated by KPK campaign, a film by IKJ’s Students, and some experienced director such as Joko Anwar, Lola Amaria, and Cut Mini,” she said. (Purel / aw)

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