01 Mar 2017

Adie Marzuki: Creating The Technopreneur Soul Through Digital Ecosystem

Bandung, Telkom University – Indonesia with approximate 300 million human is actually able to compete in the realm of digital industry both nationally and internationally. Therefore, Indonesia need a training start in the early age, so that the future generation has a strong technopreneur soul to be self-sufficient in the digital industry.

As an accredited university, Telkom University supports it through the School of Electrical Engineering (FTE), which held a public lecture titled “Together Establishing Indonesian Digital Economy” on Thursday (02.23.17) in Selaru Building, School of Applied Sciences, Telkom University.

The students as the next generation is directly supervised by CO-Founder Technopreneur Indonesia, Marzuki Adie MBSA., In his speech he stressed that in order to compete in the digital industry we need to create a digital ecosystem to spark the growth of technopreneur soul on students.

“Technopreneur it should be a priority for Indonesian, this is a period where everything depends on technology. Thus, if we want to be a leader or have a role, we need to understand the rules regarding technopreneurship.” Adie said.

Technopreneurship soul is needed to helps student to create digital product. Thus, it will add a variety of digital companies (start-up) in Indonesia. Telkom University in creating a digital ecosystem to bring up a co-working space called Bandung Techno Park, which has the mission to create Technopreneurship in society.

Adie who currently serves as Chair of the cooperative application of Independent Digital Indonesia (Digicoop) expect that Bandung Techno Park is able to collaborate with co-working space similar to Digital Valley Bandung, Jogja Digital Valley and others.

“Hopefully, this material can help to create technopreneur soul at Telkom University student. I also hoped that Bandung Techno Park is able to collaborate with other Co-Working space and help each other create a digital ecosystem “.

Adnan Abdullah

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