14 Oct 2016

Adjust the Attitude to be More Acceptable at Work

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) through Tel-U Career continue to equip students and graduands with the knowledge to improve the soft skills in the workplace. One of them, through the seminar event held by Tel-U Career titled “Success Entering the World of Work by Kalla Group” held at the House of the Risen Lt.2 Multimedia Room, Friday (7/10).

This event presented Syamril, the CHC Strategic & Development Division Head of Kalla Group, the event was attended by students of Tel-U ranging from first year to the last. “Good for 1 year students to join this seminar about the world of work so that at the final year, they would be fully prepared and not surprised anymore,” said Syamril.

According to Syamril, when a company held the recruiting employees process, they are not only based on an existing position, but also considering the potential of applicants. “If we need 100 employees and there are 100 of us who apply will not receive it all for granted, but only the suitable applicants with great potential that would be accepted,” he said.

Syamril added three things should acquire by the applicant in order to compete in the world of work, is a Skill, Knowledge and Attitude. “For me if someone already had the skills and knowledge were good but did not have an attitude (attitude), the company also will not accept it, because the attitude in the world of work is necessary” he said.

Career Development Center Director Tel-U, Desy Dwi Nurhandayani promising to hold a seminar on preparing for the world of work regularly in Tel-U to prepare students to face the working life. “I hope this event can be a gate to share knowledge about working life to Tel-U students, especially final year students who get ready to enter new working life” she said. (PRL / AW)

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