16 Feb 2016

After Twenty Months Dedication, Vice Rector 2 Ended the Service Period

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Time is like a quick shot, sometimes. Especially if it is associated with a dedication. Such is perceived by Vice Rector 2 Telkom University, Djusnimar Zultilisna, Dra., Akt. For women who was born in Pariaman, West Sumatra 56 years ago, dedicating herself in Telkom University (Tel-U) for 20 months, was so brief. Yet this short period will still be remembered by her.

“I felt an amazing experience though I cannot give much to Telkom University,” she said modestly.

Since June 14, 2014, a woman was more familiarly called “Ibu Titi” given a mandate as Vice Rector 2 for Human Resources at Telkom University. The position was beyond her expectation a few years ago.

“I once had a dream to dedicate myself in education before I end my career. Until one day I met with Mr. Johny Girsang, Head of YPT and he was offered something far beyond my expectation, “said the alumnus College of Management Bandung.

Exactly Thursday, February 11th , 2016, the baton as Vice Rector 2 should continue by her successor, Nelson Pasaribu, Ir, SE, MM.

Although she was no longer as Vice Rector 2, Mrs. Titi remain optimistic that Tel-U has great potential to achieve the bright future. “So many opportunities and hope that we can achieve together,” he said.

Tel-U Rector, Prof. Ir Mochamad Ashari M Eng., PhD provided enormous appreciation to Mrs. Titi for their services and dedication that has been given to Tel-U. Though it’s relatively short period, Mrs. Titi has given a new color in Telkom University. Among them, fixed the quality of human resources, especially improvements in functional lecturer for realization of our vision as a World Class University. “Thank you Mrs. Titi for the dedication, and I hope our friendship will be last longer,” said Rector. (Purel / raf)

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