20 Jul 2017

Ahmad Heryawan: Sustainable Business Not Just Profit, Needs Positive Impacts for the Environment

Bandung – Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Technology, Information and Innovation (SCBTII) is an annual international seminar held by the Faculty of Economics and Business Telkom University. The conference involves internal and external stakeholders, including employees, managers, directors, investors, consumers, regulators, researchers and practitioners around the world in various sectors who have a desire to adapt to the latest technological trends in the digital age today.

In his speech, Chairwoman of SCBTII, Dr. Farida Titik Kristanti, S.F., M.Si revealed that this international seminar will be so useful. “We have the opportunity to learn from the experts in their respective fields, and I hope that after this we are enriched with a better understanding of business, technology, information and innovation issues,” Farida said.

This year’s seminar features the theme of Synergizing Digital-Based Technology, Accounting, and Management in Developing Business Sustainability and Economic Growth in Emerging Markets held on Thursday, (20/7) at 08.00 – 18.30 at Prama Preanger Hotel, Bandung.
The form of activities at this seminar is not much different from the previous one, which is held open discussion in addressing local, national and global issues with the theme according to the theme raised.

Vice Rector I Telkom University Academic Affairs, Dr. Heroe Wijanto added that this seminar is the best moment to share ideas in developing technology and information based business. Given all parties involved are present in one container named SCBTII. “We are here who are important to build the future nation” he said.

Precisely there are 7 countries that will attend this conference, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Netherlands, Nigeria, and New Zealand. No less than 81 papers from each country will be presented in front of the participants and speakers. The seven countries will give each other ideas of interest in handling issues in the field.

The speakers who attended the conference are expected to be able to represent various parties to counsel to produce a solid solution for the wider community. Like the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan; Director of Anti Fraud, Haryono Umar; Partner Advisory Services Ernst & Young, Isnaeni Achdiat; Director Telkomsel, Rierik Adriansyah, and MM Lecturer Telkom University, Dr. Dadan Rahadian; Mahidol University, Nathasit Gerdsri; Malaysia, Musafa Mat Deris; Director of BJB, Ahmad Irfan; And CEO of malesbanget.com, Christian Sugiono.

Governor of West Java, Dr. Achmad Herywan, who attended the opening ceremony and inaugurated the SCBTII 2017 event stressed that in building a sustainable business is not always thinking about big profits, but the impact on the environment.

“We obviously have felt the development of information technology today is so fast, for example banking transactions we can do only using mobile phones or ordinary we are familiar with financial technology (FinTech). Of course it is easier for the public, well sustain business that needs a big impact for the environment, ease, not just big profits “said Aher.

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