10 Feb 2021

AI-Preneur to Improve Nation Welfare

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Information technology is massively growing in all fields. The world has entered the 4.0 industrial era, where it is marked by the use of intelligent and autonomous systems connected, unifying the world real and virtual world. Another popular term is Human Cyber-Physical System.

The statement was stated by Prof. Dr. Maman Abdurohman in a scientific oration inauguration of a Professor entitled “AI-Principles for the Welfare of the Nation”.  The event took place on Wednesday (10/2) at Telkom University Damar Building, and broadcast online through the Telkom University youtube channel.

Prof. Maman said that product development benefits society. There are two stages of the process include the invention and the innovation.

“Based on Law no. 11/2019 SN IPTEK, the word “invention” has meaning, “The idea of ??an inventor that is poured into a specific problem-solving activity in the field of technology in the form of a product or process, or improvement and development of a product or process”. Whereas the innovation is “the result of thinking, research, development, assessment, and/or application, which contains an element of novelty and has been applied and provides economic and/or social benefits ” he explained.

Furthermore, the man who was born in Majalengka, West Java 46 years ago, said that the emphasis on innovation lies in real implementation in the community that provides benefits both economically and socially. Commercialization of innovative products can be done in two ways, namely by start-up formation and out-licensing.

“Given the products that are emphasized here are products based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the type of start-up in question is AI-start-up and the entrepreneur is called AI-preneur.” He explained.

In the process of Prof. Maman conveyed that there is a common problem called The Valley of Death, where an area at the innovation stage has a high risk of death for innovation products.

“Because these problems make innovation products unable to grow into commercial products used by the community, where the measuring tool for the maturity of a product is by looking at the level of maturity or readiness of a particular research and technological development result.” He said.

Every problem must have a solution, in Prof. Maman said that the solution presented was the “Regulatory SandBox”.

“The implementation of the Regulatory Sandbox for innovative products still needs strong support from parties, especially from the government, universities, industry and the community.” He explained.

Furthermore, Prof. Maman said that the commercialization stage of the innovative product was carried out by using it in a certain environment called the first user of the “early adapter”.

“The stronger the first user, the stronger the product can be accepted by other users. A strong early adapter is needed that uses more massive innovation products. ” He said.

In the research process, several research results that have been conducted by Prof. Maman in the last 10 years using the Regulatory SandBox concept are:

The development of smart cards (Smart Cards) is carried out with the Indonesian Smart Card Consortium (KSCI) which consists of 4 universities and 5 companies namely Telkom University, ITB, UI, Unhas, PT. Inti, PT. Xirka, PT. DAM, PT. IBS and PT. Versatile. Smart Card Reader with single SAM for Multiple Cards Integrated with Academic Information Systems used in Telkom University.

This smart classroom system is an effort to meet the needs of the Telkom University campus, in terms of teaching. The system is built in one of the Telkom University buildings.

Smart Lighting System to build a Green Ecosystem based on Internet of Things (IoT) used in PT Bio Farma

Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) Based Security for Vaccine Seed Storage Room Using the OpenMTC Platform used in PT. Bio Farma.

Prof. Dr. Maman Abdurohman was entrusted by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia as a Professor or Professor of Information Technology at the Faculty of Informatics at Telkom University, based on the Decree Number: 143748 / MPK / KP / 2020 concerning the promotion of lecturer academic positions.

Prof. Maman is an alumnus of Telkom University (formerly Telkom College of Technology) majoring in Informatics Engineering in 1993, where he has been teaching since 2000 at Telkom University and is an active lecturer who conducts teaching and research in the fields of Organization and Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Digital Systems, and Computer Networks.

The father of 5 children is also active as a BAN-PT assessor since 2014 and is an active member of APTIKOM. To date, there are 12 scientific publications in reputable international journals and 42 papers published in Scopus indexed proceedings. Based on the results of his publication, he has a Scopus h-index 5, a google scholar h-index 8, and a Sinta score of 18.95. He also published 5 monographs and 8 textbooks to support teaching and research. Besides that, he has also obtained 1 simple patent granted.

In the Senate session of Professor Prof. Maman Abdurohman Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, in his speech said that the highest functional position that has been achieved by Prof. Maman is a big mandate that must be held, through his position as professor, he can open up new ideas and the best innovations for the advancement of this institution and the Indonesian nation.

“Congratulations on the inauguration of Prof. Maman as a professor, hopefully through this mandate he can contribute to both Telkom University, society, and the Indonesian nation, and hopefully this will become a new motivation for all Telkom University lecturers to reach the highest positions in the academic world. ” He said.

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