20 Aug 2015

Ajisaka, Application for Learning Javanese Alphabet

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Not many children today who understand and know how to write in Javanese. It could be because learning Javanese is not a piece of cake, especially for children. So it needs interactive and fun learning media. It helps children avoid the boredom while they studying Javanese alphabet.

In order to create more interesting and interactive media for learning Javanese alphabet, Visual Communication Design students (DKV) Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK) Telkom University (Tel-U) Rifki Nurlailli Rochmawati designed Ajisaka application. “Ajisaka is an application designed as a medium of learning Javanese alphabet in elementary school,” she said on Wednesday (5/8).

Ajisaka is acronym for Ajar Sinau Aksara Jawa become digital media for teaching and learning support in primary school students’ grades 4, 5 and 6, which will be implemented in SD Negeri 3 Kahuman Polanharjo and Polanharjo SD Negeri 2 Klaten, Central Java, “said Rifky.

She added, Ajisaka concept tailored to the elementary school curriculum and the aspect of cognitive, psychomotor and affective. The application also contains a menu – another menu that contains historical information about Javanese, explanation about nglegena alphabet, pasang and sandang alphabet, it also complete with exercise of Javanese alphabet. This is in additional knowledge for children about Javanese alphabet itself.

Rifky also complete this application with a number of features such as Javanese alphabet writing exercises, audio as well as glimpse the history of Java, evaluation and games.

“This application contains a Javanese learning materials nglegena alphabet, pasang and sandang alphabet. Nglegena alphabet consists of 20 letters, 20 letters sandangan tersiri pairs of 12 letters. The alphabets such as taught to primary school level. In addition this application also adjusts the basic competencies that are applied at each elementary school that students can write, read and understand the Javanese script, “said Rifky.

“Javanese alphabet is one of the cultural wealth of the archipelago that must be passed down to the next generation to avoid it from endangered situation. This application could be as a medium of learning support Java script in school and at home, “she said. (Purel / risca)

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