28 Nov 2014

Analysis and Implementation Of Information Security Through Quality Standards ISO 27001 for Internet Services

“The ISCLO Conference 2014”

Lidya V. Neaxie, Khairani R. Siregar*
Faculty of Economics and Business, Telkom University


Nowadays industry focus about information security getting increased. One standard that is agreed is ISO 27001, a standard management information security is applied to the cross-industry and internationally recognized. ISO 27001 is not only emphasizes the security of information,but also the company’s business processes. This study aims to determine the management of the implementation of security standards for providing of information in PT.Telkom internet service using the ISO 27001 standard as a case study. This study used qualitative methods to conduct observation and interviews. The results showed that the threats and security risks occur in providing internet information PT.Telkom attacked by hacking the type and duration of different attacks. Government website attacks highlighted the General Elections Commission (KPU), these attacks violate the security aspects of information that need recovery and appropriate treatment. Therefore, the recommendations can be given in this research is to improve the implementation of an information security standard for the internet service PT.Telkom.

Keywords: Information security; ISO 27001; internet services; security network: quality standard

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Selection and peer-review under responsibility of The ISCLO, Department of Communication, University of Telkom, 20342 Bandung, Indonesia.

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