28 Apr 2014

Muda Gema Rawana and Perimatrik Members Tried Out Citarum

BANDUNG, TEL – U Students activity unit, (past) Perimatrik and (past) Gema Rawana held the whitewater sport training acticity (kegiatan masa bimbingan olah raga arus deras or usually called ‘Mabim Orad’) in Citarum River, Padalarang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat on Friday and Saturday (18th-19th April 2014).

The Grade +4 condition there in Citarum River which caused by hardly pouring rain all day long, could not stop the spirit of the young members to train and wade the cascade of that longest river in West Java. Mabim Orad was the next phase that should be taken by the young members of (past) Perimatrik and (past) GemaRawana which already passed their basic training on the last February. Mabim Orad itself was the last training activity after mountain-forest, conservation and rock climbing training activities.

This activity was followed by five young members consist of UKM (past) Perimatrik and (past) GemaRawana Around two days, the members got various lessons. Such as basic technique of rafting, rafting swims, boat flip, boat carrying and throwing rescue rope as well.

Not only basic techniques and water-rescue techniques that learnt in this event, but teamwork is also trained in this recent Mabim Orad. The young members must be able to cooperate with the skipper (boat’s captain) to control the boat’s speed so that it could pass the river’s cascade and, for sure, not flipped.

Bayu, Chief Executive of this event, as well as Head of Orad Division, stated that the young members are expected to be able to understand all the lessons and at least, they would be able to survive when something the face the unexpected things while they adventured into the wild.  Especially, for the river-adventure activities which is very risky due to the high rate of accident.

“Moreover, we expected that they would be able to apply the knowledge they’ve got when they explore and adventured the wild, as well as in the daily life,” he stated. (KomPro/Azzah)

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