Anti Korupsi Photo & Caption Contest HAKORDIA 2020
17 Dec 2020

Anti-Corruption Photo & Caption Contest HAKORDIA 2020

Telkom University – In commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day in 2020, Telkom University through the Open Library held a Photo & Caption Contest HAKORDIA 2020 with the theme ‘Active Positive without Corruption’. This activity aims to campaign for anti-corruption values ??as an effort to create tel-Utizens with integrity.

This activity was attended by the Academic Community of Telkom University. The photo contested is a capture of positive activities in daily life that reflect anti-corruption values. The theme of the photo and caption fulfills one of the 9 anti-corruption values, namely fairness, courage, care, honesty, discipline, responsibility, hard work, independence, and modesty.

After the assessment, the following were the winners of the HAKORDIA 2020 Photo & Caption Contest:

1st Winner (Rp. 1,000,000): @ ricky_firmansyah199 – D3 RPLA FIT

Second Place (Rp. 750,000): @reyhan_krnwn – S1 DKV FIK

3rd Winner (Rp. 500,000): @yusupyoes – TPA FIK

Favorite Winner (Most Likes) (Rp. 500,000): @widiafey – S1 SI FRI

In addition to photos and caption contests, the Academic Directorate also gives appreciation to students who against corruption through campaign in various creative media, such as posters, poetry, or articles via Telkom University student blogs. Selected students are given an appreciation for the LinkAja balance of Rp. 100,000. Here are the chosen students:

Ahmad Adhitya Nurhad:

Rafi Zulkanzi Yusriandy:

Mayland Panggabean:

Ekky Wicaksana –

By organizing this activity, we expect that it can continue to provide an anti-corruption spirit in life as #TelUtizen with integrity.

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