28 May 2015

Apply Freehand Drawing Technique, FIK Student Won Menpora Sketch Contest

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Ganesha Wibisana, interior design students of Creative Industries Faculty (FIK) Telkom University (Tel-U) last April joined the sketch competition and won the 1st place. The competition organized by MENPORA, Architecture Students Association of West Java, and Bandung Heritage in commemoration Bandung Lautan Api-Bandung Sea of Fire.

“As sketch competition was held to commemorate the Bandung Sea of Fire, the theme was about west java struggling people monument, “Ganesha said, Monday (4/5).

In creating process, Ganesha use freehand drawing techniques. According to him, the constract technique is very simple sketch, it is only by combining various tools or media image that is drawing pen, marker, and pencil. Then, merge the shading techniques from various media. The Sketch strength depends on the proportion of the image and the selection of the right angel. So the atmosphere and objects featured in the sketch becomes visible proportionate.

For Ganesh, there is no obstacle while following the competition. However, he admitted, other participants have a great drawings and sketches skill.

In addition to MeNPORA Sketch Competition, Ganesha is also doing well in the sketch competition “Uniknya Kotaku” organized by Faber Castel and the Faculty of Art and Design Bandung Institute of Technology and won 2nd place. “It is very pleased joined sketch competition. Not about the prizes, but it is kind of personal satisfaction when our work can be appreciated by many people, “said Ganesha.

Therefore, besides actively participate in the competition, he joined the sketches exhibition too. His work also exhibited in several national events such as sketch exhibition with Faber Castel Indonesia in Jakarta National Gallery, and the sketches exhibition with Bandung Sketch walk in Indonesia Drawing Festival at the State Gas Building, Jalan Braga Bandung. (Purel / Risca)

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