10 Jun 2020

Be Patience in Educating the Next Generation

ZOOM – As the best private campus in Indonesia, Telkom University has an academically outstanding achievement. Various awards and appreciation each year continues to grow. But we need to know, knowledge and intelligence come from Allah SWT. So everything still needs to be accompanied by transcendental reinforcement, as is routinely done by Tel-U through Tabligh Akbar with religious leaders.

In this grand tabligh, Wednesday (10/6) Telkom University invited KH Miftachul Akhyar, a PBNU Ulama and Rais Aam. The topic to be discussed this time is Patience in Educating the Next Generation. This study was attended by more than 1500 academics through the ZOOM Meeting and LIVE Youtube Telkom University.

As delivered by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, that all participants today tried to act as learners. Learn to improve ourselves, increase spiritual knowledge that is the foundation to become useful humans.

“I am sure that our intelligence is extraordinary, various academic achievements have been achieved, but we still have to continue to strengthen our spiritualism, continue to improve ourselves, become better when we share our knowledge with our beloved students.” welcome the rector

Today’s topic is patience, it is hoped that this topic will be the basis for dealing with everything we don’t want or what we want. Hopefully, each academic community can implement Patience in campus life and become a role model for the surrounding environment.

KH Miftachul Akhyar opened tausiah by reminding us all to be true persons, even though we have all the abilities and strengths in the world.

“Be a generation with unlimited abilities and strengths. All titles in the world, if we are capable, then achieve all of them. But we need to know, all of that must always be accompanied by Asma Allah. This is to keep the smart person becomes right, because some of them are clever but crazy. “He explained.

At the end of his speech he also gave a phrase to remind us all, “If you have finished your task, then stand up, to carry out other tasks.” That is how he reflects that in life every human being must be patient, for every test that comes. God willing, it will be charity Jariyah in the Hereafter.

“Quoting from Tim Brown that the Edison Approach is an early example of what is now called ‘design thinking’, a methodology that infuses the full spectrum of innovation activities with a human-centered design ethos.”

From the material presented, Dr. Didit concluded four design principles in creative thinking namely, Problem Solving especially in the scope of design, Enhance Existing Design, namely efforts to improve the quality of life, innovation or new findings in overcoming problems and enhancing, and sustainability, especially in business sustainability.

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