30 Nov 2015

Benua Etam 2015 Showed the Delicate Culture of Borneo Island

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Student Activity Unit (UKM) Borneo Telkom University (Tel-U) successfully held Benua Etam 2015. The event was held at the Multipurpose Building (GSG) on Friday (30/10) and expose the cultural beauty of Borneo.

With splendid cooperation of the committee, GSG has been transformed into a place that is very interesting. The room turned into space which provided essential things to explore the natural beauty in Borneo Island through the photos attached nicely when at the front door. Dark atmosphere setting punched the audience’s curiosity about what kind of art show that will be presented.

Stage are arranged simple enough did not make the audience then leave their seat. The audience was treated with some typical Borneo dance performance and also art Madihin that stringing words into rhyme and combined with a beautiful poem that makes the audience become quite entertained.

Not only that, in order to unite traditional art and modern art, Benua Etam presented acoustic and singing typical areas of Borneo as Mamangun Mahaga Lewu and Manari Manasai originating from Central Kalimantan and Ampar Ampar bananas from South Kalimantan.

“The show is cool, also awesome performers. Everything is perfect. Enthusiastic audience, and 80 percent people of the invitation came, “said Setia Anugrah of the steering committee.

This event is expected to continue to happens annually, and is growing at a series of events that much more. (purel / raf / SME Kalimantan)

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