10 Feb 2017

BIPA Certification for Teacher Held in Telkom University

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Language Centre Telkom University collaborate with APBIPA Bali held BIPA Certification for teacher (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers) which is held for 3 days, 8-10 February 2017 at the Auditorium of Tokong Nanas Building Telkom University.

BIPA teacher certificate level 2 were previously held in 2015 and aims to facilitate BIPA activists and practitioners to share knowledge to improve teaching abilities of Bipa especially in terms of preparing the syllabus and the development of teaching materials.

On this occasion, there was presented an up to date material on critical analysis of the various types syllabus and BIPA teaching materials in accordance with the principles and processes develop, revise, adjust and prepare a draft syllabus on the teaching materials will be developed according to the needs of BIPA’s students.

Vice rector of Admissions and International Cooperation field AMA Suyanto as speaker at BIPA level 2 was explained, that language center program Telkom University in the development of BIPA is Internalization where this process should be beneficial to students.

“Currently we are apart of internalization program in which a student who learn Bahasa should be useful in their hometown and can be transmitted the the kindness here” said Suyanto.

In addition to internalization program, Ama added that BIPA concept in Telkom University is a beginner-friendly where there will be outdoor games and activities that facilitate the process of learning Bahasa.

“Here we will give foreign students learning out of space and communicate directly with the public so that the foreign students were able to learn directly in the field not only in the classroom” he said.

Currently, Telkom University run the Global Academic Program where Lecturer at Telkom University should teach outside Indonesia, and the teach bahasa to students in the country.

“We will muster lecturers here to be able to teach outside Indonesia, and vice versa we will be invited foreign lecturer to teach us here” he added.

Rector of Telkom University Professor Mochamad Ashari said that the number of classroom course BIPA in Telkom University will continue to grow, in line with the increasing number of foreign students at Telkom University. Ashari expect from this event can be beneficial and help colleagues BIPA participants to improve their skills in teaching Indonesian.

“Hopefully from this event we can expand the friendship and relations among activists and practitioners BIPA” he said.

Adrian Wiranata

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