06 Jun 2016

Black Pearl and Humpback Lead Roobics Team Became the Champion

SURABAYA, TEL-U – The struggle of Robotics Team Telkom University (Tel-U) brought the best result. Through the Eco-robot Black Pearl and hybrid-robot Humpback, Roobics team Tel-U eventually achieved the third place.

The two robot was developed by Hendriadi Mukri (Telecommunication Engineering 2013), Andri Dwi Septian (Computer Systems in 2014), Eduardus Antoni Setyawan (Electrical Engineering 2014), Alyani Durrah Fauzan (Electrical Engineering 2014), Khikmah Nur Dwi Nofanti (Electrical Engineering 2013), and Robby Yanuar Setiadi (Electrical Engineering 2014).

In the round seizing the 3rd place, the match was exciting between Tel-U and Jember University. Both teams are equally successfully reached the last zone and take the propeller of eco-robot. But both teams are equally unable to successfully complete the mission to install a propeller on a pole in the last zone until the game time runs out.

However, Roobics team of Telkom University able to take the propeller faster than the eco-robot of Jember University. Roobics team managed to take the propeller from eco-robot with a time of 1 minute 11 seconds. Meanwhile, a team from Jember University took time of 1 minute 37 seconds. This made Roobics team of Telkom University achieved the 3rd place.

Roobics’ Team Leader, Hendriadi Mukri said that his team prepare for the second robot to the maximum in order to participate this competition. “We worked from morning to the night and this was the best that we can give. The struggle we managed to get paid off with the third position, “he said.

This year, KRI 2016 was followed by as many as 114 teams from 52 universities throughout Indonesia. They were selected from four regions that have been contested previously. The categories included Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI), Indonesia Fire Robot Contest (KRPAI) Wheeled and Legged, Indonesia Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI), Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI), and Indonesia Exhibitions Football Wheeled ( ERSBI). (Purel / EAD)

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