19 May 2015

Bober Café owner: Starters, Do Not Jump into a Quick Output

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The owner of Bober Café, Jodi Janitra contend that sometimes the motivation which given by the entrepreneurship motivator was mistaken. They put more emphasis on how a business gain a profit quickly. The impact is some starters just focus on profit when starting a business. Even dare to invest a grand million to start a business. Not a few of those who go bankrupt before enjoying the profit itself because of too obsessed with it.

“Do not be a desperate entrepreneurs. If you had a large capital but zero experience, the result will be zero too. Starters should make a business from scratch, so they know how to start a business and learn from the up and down of their effort, “said Jodi at Enterprise Talk Show Telkom University, entitled “From Zero to be a Success Entrepreneur” in Faculty of Applied Sciences Auditorium (Tel-U ), Tuesday (5/5).

According to Jodi, his family also run a business, and even marketing to Japan. Unfortunately it was insolvent and his parents had been a street seller. He also started his business since childhood by selling bread. Learning from that experience, Jody today gain his successful with Bober Caffe and J & C’s own cookies. His family was successful with Clarissa, Ina Cookies, Kersen Cookies and La Diva.

Bober Café started in 2004 with a capital of 4 million, optimize the empty space, and run with only 2 employees. Bober name itself has a special meaning for Jodi, it’s taken from Bojong Koneng Bersatu. Bojong Koneng is the name of a street in Bandung where is J & C, Ina Cookies and his family business is located.

“Entering 2014, Bober still growing and has two branches with a total staff of 150 employees,” said Jodi. For him, there is no instant term in business, all things need process. Along the process, professionalism continuously improved. The MEA’s era, young entrepreneurs can take an important role with their professionalism. (Purel / Risca / raf)

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