26 Feb 2021

BTP Talk & WRAP Entrepreneurship Program Socialization

Telkom University – Bandung Techno Park held a BTP Talk 12 event with the theme “Serverless Architecture: How To Build Scalable Applications, With Less-Cost (Or Even Free)”. This event presented the speaker Adi W. Suandharu as IT Consultant. The BTP Talk event is open to the public and held through the Zoom application on Thursday (25/2).

In the event, Adi Suandharu explained that in the startup world, we are very concerned about costs. This is because usually in making software or applications we need our capital. After all, we do not directly have investors or financiers. As much as possible, the costs incurred are not too large and must be as efficient as possible.

“When we launch an application, we have to estimate how many people will access it. We have to estimate it so that we can determine how big we will deploy the server, “he said.

Adhi said that most startup players could not make this estimate well. This affects the costs incurred, the bigger the server we deploy, the greater the cost, and vice versa.

Most startups also don’t have a DevOps Team, which is a team that is dedicated to server maintainers. The server in question is the infrastructure where we put the application, so there must be a team of experts who maintain this server because this server cannot run alone.

“By determining the right estimate and optimal server usage, we can manage the required costs,” he said.

This event also held a WRAP Entrepreneurship socialization which was presented by Eko Rahayu as the Business Incubation & Entrepreneurship Asman. WRAP Entrepreneurship is part of the Merdeka Merdeka Learning Campus Program from the Ministry of Education and Culture. There are eight lessons outside the campus, namely internships / industrial practice, projects in villages, student exchanges, research, independent studies/projects, student projects, teaching in schools, and entrepreneurship.

“So students can do entrepreneurship while studying and the SKS is recognized for their business, students can develop entrepreneurial activities independently as evidenced by an explanation or proposal for entrepreneurial activities and proof of consumer transactions or employee salary slips. This activity must be guided by a lecturer or lecturer, “he said.

Several stages are applied to the entrepreneurship curriculum, namely finding ideas, idea validation, product validation, and business model validation. This stage is carried out for two semesters at the final level which consists of 18 credits.

This WRAP Entrepreneurship class is a mixed class of all study programs. Each class consists of about 40 students. Each member of the business team must present his or her abilities as technical, business, or design. The form of the lecture itself is an entrepreneurial practice (building a startup) and the class will be accompanied by lecturers following the scientific field of courses given by various faculties and practitioner mentors who are experts in their fields.

As the no.1 best private campus in Indonesia, Telkom University has the vision to become a Research and Entrepreneurial University in 2023. Through this program, it is expected to be able to achieve the vision of Telkom University.

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