27 Jun 2014

Budepar brought the Electrical Engineering Student to triumph in Unity Educomp 2014

BANDUNG, TEL – U – Last Saturday would be an unforgettable day for the Turangga Team. It was because the team that consists of Restu Isjaka Purwandana, Raden Rogers Swiputra, Yuniar Pristian Chandra and Shifa Manaruliesya A was the champion in Unity Educomp Competition 2014 for the category education applications. The competition was held on Friday- Saturday (9-10/5) in Yogyakarta State University.
Turangga Team was actually the students from Computer System Electrical Engineering Faculty of Telkom University. While the competition itself, the Unity Educomp, was an annual national scale competition that was held by Yogyakarta State University on the IT field focusing on application an education game competition.
There were two categories on this competition. The first was the education games, which basically a mobile game that has an education element inside the game and the second was the education applications, a mobile based application to ease the process of learning.
There were a long ways before the students were crowned as the champion. The journey started from the very application idea, work prototype until the submission of the prototype along with the brief guide book. The selection was held from 6 April- 5 May 2014. Turangga Team managed to be the top 10 best teams, thanks to the guidance of Fairuz Asmi, ST and Umar Ali Ahmad ST., MT.
Turannga Team made a mobile application called “Budepar” which actually an acronym for budaya, edukasi dan pariwisata. “The application that we made was inspired by the number of visits of tourist to Indonesia that is still relatively low compare to our neighboring country, Singapore for example,” said Restu, one of the team member.
“Budepar” was a navigation apps to a historical, cultural and tourism sites with the nationwide network. “Budepar” brought their state of the art augmented reality features as their main competitive advantage. The application is ready to be downloaded on the Windows Phone platform to help the users navigate to historical or cultural sites in Indonesia.
The apps brought an immediate impact to the community by the fact that they are offered to collaborate in a project in Solo entitled “Solo Destination.”
“Recently, the constraint to empower our tourism is actually the information technology. With Budepar apps, we hope that it could help the tourist to locate and navigate to the historical sites as well as helping the ministry of tourism,” said Restu. (Ramdi-FTE/raf)

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