18 Aug 2016

Build Campus as a Place to Humanizing Human

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The world of education grow along with the challenge day by day. One of them, was a teaching philosophy that ideally realizing human to be fully human. Not only chased the quantity of graduates, education standards also should not release the potential of children to pursue a curriculum imposed.

This one of the meanings shared by Munif Chatib in front of hundreds of lecturers of Telkom University (Tel-U) in Coordination Meeting Assisted Class Odd Semester, Academic Year 2016/2017 in the Hall of the School of Applied Sciences (FIT), Thursday (18/8).

CEO Next Edu. engaged as Educational Consultants explained the matter “Being a Professional Lecturers and Creative” to invited all lecturer to change the paradigm in educating students. By giving examples of interesting and easy to digest, an alumnus of University of Brawijaya Faculty of Law reminded all lecturer do not to forget the essence of education.

“College is the last terminal where professors work together to bring out the best graduates in accordance with the interests and talents of each. We just choose: would create a robot or a human?” he said.

Vice Rector 1 Dr Heroe Wijanto appreciated the presence Munif who want to shared, supplied lecturers next week, precisely Monday, August 22, 2016 began the teaching activities in line with the start of the first semester of academic year 2016/2017.

Vice Rector 1 also expressed gratitude for the lecturer’s performance for the last year relative showed more positive changes. “Thank you for the performance of all lecturer during this shows an improvement,” he said.

Vice Rector 1 also reminded that the first semester was introduction of a new curriculum namely Curriculum 2016. It will applied to students actively Tel-U currently numbering 27.818 students.

As for the number of courses this semester there were 846 pieces, with the number of credits reached 13.003, which will be taught by lecturers at least 1,140 people. “Students as a mandate from parents and other stakeholders for us to equip them,” he said. (Purel/raf)

Academic Director Christanto:

-Curriculum 2016 is first curriculum for Tel-U.

-This is mandate of the Statute for updating the curriculum overhaul every four years

-In accordance with the Act and the new rules namely Class-Based Systems Credits in Tel-U (Permenristekdikti No. 44/2015, Article 17)

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