BUMN Minister Test Incinerators Waste Processing

Insinerator sampah

BANDUNG, TEL-U – In addition to invite students demonstrated examples of healthy living, BUMN Minister, Rini Soemarno also tested Incinerators Waste Processing in the campus of Telkom University (Tel-U), Sunday afternoon (16/8). This incinerator is an innovation product of Bandung Techno Park (BTP) which is already introduced to President of Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo on his visited last January.

Rini, came to Tel-U campus to attend Social Service Clean Puppeteer (Recycling and Clean Environment). This event is part of the BUMN program “Hadir Untuk Negeri” related to the 70th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.
Director of Innovation & Strategic Portfolio at PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk, Indra Utoyo mentioned incineration is a form of utilization an appropriate technology for diesel fuel and water.

According to Indra, there are several advantages of incinerator that is using diesel fuel and water in the ratio 1: 3. This means diesel only 25 per cent of fuel. Thus it is very efficient on fuel usage. “These devices continue to use the system where the waste input and combustion can be carried out continuously unlike other incinerator that uses a system of open and close,” said Indra.

He added, almost all types of wet and dry garbage can be destroyed in the combustion chamber at 800-1200 degrees Celsius to 35 of the volume of waste. Indra reassured the minister that these tools are environmentally friendly and have passed the emissions test. “It does not produce toxic fumes because it has undergone a complete combustion,” he said. (purel / risca)

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