20 May 2015

Capture: Students Ideology Exhibition through Photography

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Photography is not merely record a motion picture. The camera becomes one of the viewing tools to achieve the objectives of its user. Based on that reason, students of Intermedia Arts Tel-U held an exhibition titled “Capture” which held in Roemah Seni Sarasvati on May 9-16, 2015.
“Capture actually is an exhibition that optimize the function of the camera,” said Chairman Committee of Capture Exhibition Lutfi Fadhil Radityo. In this exhibition, a camera that serves as a tool, will be interpreted as a representation of a new ideology in the process of making a series of photographic works.

A total of six photographic works displayed in this exhibition. Interestingly, the photographic work displayed by using a different medium as usual, such as in aluminum, fabric, paper intax photo, acrylic, paper rontgren, and the iron plate. One of them is the work belongs to Hasbi Putra Agung which is printed on the iron plate.

“The use of iron plate is part of my exploration print using unconventional media”, he said. Hasbi’s work is a portrait of himself which is printed on 15x15cm iron plate as many as nine. The work titled “SIA !!!” is a critique of those who often point or throw guilt on others.

In addition to photographic works, there were two art videos present in this exhibition. Like the works of Fajar Misro entitled “Sold Out” which raised the issue of human trafficking and torture. Fajar explained most of substance in the art video itself is the content. “In this work I raised content with light visual effect, so the information on it can absorbed easily,” he said.

The exhibition received good appreciation from the Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries Tel-U, Dr. Ir. Agus Achmad Suhendra, MT. According to him, the academic work was not just a paper or journal, but also can be a work of art and design that can be easily enjoyed and seen by public. “I hope this exhibition can encourage students to be more professional in the future,” he said.

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