17 Feb 2017

CHCO Telkom Herdi Harman Praised Telkom University Library

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Chief of Human Capital Officer (CHCO) PT. Telkom Herdy Harman assesed new library Telkom University has been met “A” accreditation standard university.

Moreover, in the middle of the visitation of new Library in Manterawu Building, Tel-U Complex, Friday (03/02/2017), CHCO assesed the educational facilities in line with PT Telkom for digitizing the entire service. Starting from borrowing books, journals access, until booking for room discussions for students.

“Looking at all this, especially on the progress of Telkom University (library, red), the university is well prepared and ready for going global. Just need strengthen the vision, mission, and PT Telkom strongly in favor of a progressive thing,” he said.

According to him, Tel-U today is very well known among the outside. Hopefully, with the good brand awareness, increasingly sharpened by necessity accents plus building continues as a digital campus.

During the visit, the CHCO Telkom welcomed by Chief of Telkom Education Foundation, Dwi Sasongko accompanied by the Vice Rector III for Admission, AMA Suyanto and deans. Herdy looked around to all the rooms in the new library, ranging from multimedia, theater room, to the bookshelves.

The library has a collection of more than 60 thousand titles of national and international publications. According to the certification of the National Library (NLI), a library that is planned to be officially released on 22 February 2017, it is touted to be the most magnificent and national best library.

“It’s for our children (students), comfort and best facilities we provide for them, the generation must be our priority, other campuses might be have similar wide library area, but the convenience and richness of collections like this one, we do not know where it is “added Dwi Sasongko.

Furthermore Dwi expressed admiration related facilities in the library. In addition to accommodate the collection for the entire course at the Telkom University, also provided coffee corner to relax for a visitor who is resting working papers, theses, and other research.

Other facilities that also praised Dwi including spaces academic counseling that can be used as a discussion of students and lecturers, meeting room, hall auditorium, wall of fame, multi media room theater, overall access has been supported by digital devices, so that students will have no trouble searching for collections ,

Vice Rector for Admissions and International Cooperation AMA Suyanto explained, that what is being built may be an information center for all the science in the entire faculty at Telkom University.

He also said that the library is supported by International partnerships, one with Asia Foundation.

“The Foundation partnered with Telkom University Open Library with the purpose to develop knowledge through their publications, we believed as a center of literacy throughout West Java, so that other universities (in West Java) receive the benefits of science from the Asia Foundation, the plot through us, “he said.

Dwi Sasongko added that he appreciated the performance of Telkom University progressive and rapidly. He advised collaboration across stakeholders for the development of Telkom University to be more solid and elaborative. Both the construction of infrastructure and superstructure (human resources).

“With the achievements so far, I do not hesitate fully support the development of Telkom University, may the great result of our efforts, for the betterment for our nation, through the intellectual building,” he concluded. (**)

Adnan Abdullah

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