28 Oct 2016

Choir Tel-U Achieved Two Golden Diploma in Thailand

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University Choir (Choir Tel-U) made Indonesia proud at the 1st Lanna International Choir Competition held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 19-23 October 2016.

Approximate 58 participants from eight countries, the 1st Lanna International Choir Competition brought into 9 categories from 11 categories, ranging from children to adult category, with a selection of classic songs to folk songs.

Of the nine categories were contested, Tel-U choir followed two competition categories,  Mixed Youth Choir Category and Folklore Category and managed to get a Gold Diploma Level I in Folklore category while the category of Mixed Youth Choir, Tel-U Choir came out as the Runner Up and get a Gold Diploma level IV.

Starting from sending voice recordings to the organizers, Tel-U Choir then entered in qualifying for competed in various categories were selected by the participants. “During the three-month intensive training through group, individually, until join the choir clinic to improve the quality,” said Aldo Randy Ginting as conductor Choir Tel-U.

After qualifying, said Aldo, the qualified participants competed again in the last competition. Here the judges directly assess and select the winner and give qualification gold, silver or bronze. After that, the winners of each category competed again in the Grand Prize.

“Through many obstacles both technical and non-technical end we can win the Gold Diploma Level I in the category of Folklore and Runner Up in Mixed Youth Choir category and get a Gold Diploma Level IV,” he said.

The first International Competition Choir follow the Tel-U is finally sweet fruit, because the trip for 1 week and 3 months of preparation, Aldo said that this competition is very memorable for everyone, especially for the new generation which has never participated in national and international competitions.

“Not only because God answered our prayers with 2 Gold, but the most memorable was the process we’ve experienced so far is hard, tired, happy, and sad, touched, proud and other feelings which comes together,” he said.

The event was organized by Interkultur the organization that organizes various competitions in Europe, Asia, America, even Africa. This time Interkultur coming from Germany held the 1st International Choir Competition Lanna in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (PR / AW)

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