15 Oct 2015

Cyber Regulation Should Promote Increasing Public Welfare

JAKARTA, TEL-U – Government of Republic of Indonesia needs to formulate cyber regulations concerning security and also improve the welfare of society.
It is raised in the Focus Group Discussions (FGD) themed Cyber Security Policy assessment in Indonesia which stepped on the second day, Tuesday (29/9) at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Jakarta. The event is the result of cooperation between the Directorate General Informatics Applications of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Dirjen Aptika), Oxford University and Telkom University.
The second day of FGD was attended by representatives of the Ministry of State Enterprises, the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Institute of the State Secretariat, Telkom University, Pasundan University, the British Embassy and several other interested institutions.
Cybersecurity, Policy makers, National Security and Public Administration Representative Organizations are three topics of discussion which led by moderator Dr. Ashwin Saso (Head of Research Center of Telkom University).
At this discussion also discussed the disclosure of all line ministries to consciously move collectively to build a unified framework in establishing a cyber security system in Indonesia. In this process is expected to involve an element of higher education and the business world in order to avoid differences in perceptions and interests.
This discussion is also expected to result a device or rules of law which are complementary among stakeholders. That would create legal harmonization in the enforcement issues related to cyber security, especially in the handling of cases through litigation and non-litigation. (sekpim / kur)

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