How is Life as a Student in the D3 Hospitality Study Program:

The D3 Hospitality study program is a vocational-based Study Program that prioritizes work expertise in the hospitality sector such as catering, dining, hotel front office, housekeeping, and pastry. Academic activities include theoretical and practical activities. The lecture system is carried out with a blocking system where the theoretical lecture is 12 weeks and the practicum is 4 weeks. The program also provides some extra activities to support students with hard skills and soft skills.

D3 Hospitality Student routine activities:

  1. Hospitality D3 Student Association (HMPH)
  2. Study Tour: tourism and hospitality industry visitation
  3. Field Trip: Visiting hotels in the city
  4. Internship or on the job training is carried out for 6 months in 4 or 5 stars hotel both domestically and abroad
  5. Table Manner
  6. Beauty and Handsome class
  7. Outbound and Teambuilding
  8. Chef de Brigade (CDB): A culinary-loving student community where students can hone skills in food processing.
  9. Mi Familia Service: Student Community of Food & Beverage (FB) Service lovers
  10. Indonesian Tourism Competition, competition in the field of tourism which is carried out by all national tourism college students Also, there are various extracurricular activities under the auspices of the Student Activity Unit (UKM) of faculties and universities, including:
  11. IT Community
  12. Religious Community
  13. Entrepreneurship Community
  14. Photography Community
  15. Nature Lover Community
  16. Sports Community
  17. Choir Community
  18. Arts Community
  19. Regional Community
  20. Language Community, and many more.

Mandatory Course Study Program

  1. Introduction to Tourism / Principles of Tourism
  2. Front Office Operations I / Front Office Operation
  3. Housekeeping Operations I / Housekeeping Operation I
  4. Restaurant Operations I / Restaurant Operation I
  5. Catering I / Kitchen I
  6. Engineering Processing Bread & Cakes / Cake & Bakery Processing Technique
  7. Sugar and Chocolates Processing Technique

Related Jobs

  1. Front Desk Agent
  2. Receptionist
  3. Telephone Operator
  4. Front Office Supervisor
  5. Commis / Baker
  6. Chef De Partie
  7. Waiter
  8. Restaurant Supervisor
  9. Cook- Room Attendant
  10. Room Supervisor
  11. Executive Housekeeper

Alumni Jobs:

  1. Guest Service Agent, Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers
  2. Telephone operator, Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung
  3. Pastry cook, Hilton Bandung
  4. Pastry Cook, Yello Paskal 23 Bandung
  5. Receptionist, JW Marriot Bangka Belitung
  6. Assistant Front Office Manager, Luxton Hotel Bandung
  7. Restaurant Manager, JW Marriot Bangka Belitung
  8. Waiter, Nirwana Garden & Resort Bintan
  9. Front Office Staff, Nirwana Garden Bintan
  10. Purchasing Staff, Bintan Lagoon- Cook, Nirwana Garden Bintan- Executive Chef, GH Universal Hotel Bandung
  11. Operational Manager, Aero Catering Service (ACS) Bali
  12. Customer Service, Bank Syariah Mandiri
  13. Waitress, Gili Air Lombok Hotel- Executive Chef, Crowne Plaza Hotel
  14. Assistant Front Office Manager, Accor Hotel Indonesia
  15. Head Pastry Chef, Dukes Hotel, United Arab Emirates
  16. Chef De Partie, Shangria Resort & Spa
  17. Operational Manager, Copa Guest House, Kupang