How is Life as a Student in the Information Systems D3 Study Program?

Various student activities organized by the Information Systems D3 Study Program are aimed at reviving the academic atmosphere, namely the creation of an academic atmosphere through the creativity of students and lecturers as an embodiment of the tridharma of higher education.
Activities that have been carried out include:

1. Student Association D3 Information Systems Study Program. This organization is a place for all students to realize creativity, innovation, and learn to organize. The association has consistently carried out various program activities, such as:
a. Blood donation action,
b. Action to help people affected by disasters,
c. Leadership education;
d. Seminar,
e. Training,
f. Student creativity contest,
g. Study group.

2. Collaborative research with lecturers. The study program collaborates with the Lecturer Skills Group in fostering students carried out by the Information Systems Research Laboratory. This lab has managed to foster students to be ready to take part in various national and international IT race competitions, pioneering the formation of business students/business startups in the IT field, and building software for various community needs.

Mandatory Course Study ProgramIt is a course that supports the formation of the main competencies of students, namely courses:
1. Business Process / Business Process
2. Analysis and Design of Information Systems / Information System Analysis and Design
3. Basic Web Programming
4. Advanced Web Programming
5. Programming of Mobile Devices / Mobile Programming
6. Software Testing / Software Testing
7. Implementation of User Experience Design / User Experience Design and Implementation

Elective courses
These courses are supporting courses to complete the main competencies of students.
1. Computer Algorithms and Programming
2. Object-Oriented Programming
3. Database Design / Database Design
4. Database Programming / Database Programming
5. Software Requirements Engineering / Software Requirements Engineering
6. Basic Web Programming / Basic Web Programming
7. Introduction to Information Systems Audit / Introduction to Information System Auditing

Career Opportunities
1. System Analyst
2. Web Developer3. Mobile Developer
4. Business Process Engineer
5. IT – Helpdesk
6. Datacenter / Processing
7. UI Designer