How is Life as a Student in the D3 Study Program in Computer Technology?

Learning about Networks and Computers becomes part of students daily activities. Lectures are usually carried out in a laboratory. Students are usually given a basic theory, which is then followed by practice in the practicum module.
At the end of the lecture students are usually asked to conduct a project in groups. For example, making a robot and building a prototype of a smart home, etc. For networking subjects, students assign to create a web server, mail server, etc.

There is also a network security course, which students are asked to make a computer defense system to protect from the hackers and it will be tested by other groups.

Also, there is a course in programming that allows students to create an android application. Through D3 Computer Technology students, Students will be learning, writing and making cool systems.

Mandatory Course Study Program

  1. PLC system
  2. Network Security
  3. Server Administration
  4. Operating System
  5. Microcontroller
  6. Basic Electronics
  7. Electric Circuit

Related Jobs

  1. Computer Network Admin
  2. Robotics Technician
  3. Network Security Admin
  4. IoT system developer
  5. Smart Device system developers
  6. Hardware technician
  7. PLC technician