30 Aug 2021

Data Science and Digital Gamification Become One of the Digital Marketing Tools in the Pandemic Era

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Talking about New Student Admission (PPDB) at educational institutions will never end, even for SMP Telkom Purwokerto and SMK Telkom Bandung, the educational institutions under the auspices of the Telkom Education Foundation.

Digital marketing assistance activities related to PPDB for the two schools have been carried out for 4 weeks by a team of lecturers from the number one private campus in Indonesia, namely Telkom University. This week’s activity, which raised the topic of Target Market Analysis using Data Science and Digital Gamification, was delivered by Agus Pratondo Ph.D., and Rikman Aherliwan Rudawan M.Kom, lecturers from the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Telkom University.

The activities held this weekend do not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants and also the presenters. They have the same mission in advancing an educational institution that will be useful for the nation. Attending from SMP Telkom Purwokerto, namely Widyatmoko as the Principal and also the head of PPDB and the Public Relations team, Tri January Ariri, also from SMK Telkom Bandung, Deputy Principal for Industrial Relations & Communication, Wahyu Nur Saputra, accompanied by Maidarman as the head of PPDB and the PPDB team from the two schools.

Agus presents that in this digital era, utilizing data has become something that needs to be adapted, even with digital marketing activities in a school’s PPDB strategy.

“With data science, it is easy to create programs that are prioritized and right on target for the target market,” said Agus.

The activity continued until Saturday (28/08) was followed by a presentation on Digital Gamification which can also be one of the digital marketing tools that applied to the implementation of a school’s PPDB strategy. Rikman said that gamification is the best method to produce interesting and fun forms of learning for students.

“There are many tools that teachers can use to deliver interesting learning content through application games, quizzes, or even animation can be things that make this school different,” said Rikman.

The concept of Data Science and Digital Gamification needs to be a new challenge for all teams working in educational institutions that are closely related to PPDB activities which continue to roll yearly. A solid team must always work together in making different concepts that keep updating according to developments in the era of globalization both during the pandemic and in the future post-pandemic.

The application of digital strategies, of course, in implementing this digital marketing strategy will not only be completed in the pandemic era, but this will become a daily application in adapting in welcoming the new normal era. (MTL)

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