01 Jun 2017

Dedi Kurnia Syah: Mass Media Must Return to Ideal “Khittah”

Jakarta, 31/5/17. Interdependence of interests between the mass media industry and the government strengthened, it was delivered by Dedi Kurnia Syah in open session of Doctoral Defense at Sahid University (usahid) Jakarta, Wednesday (31/5) in Seminary Room of Graduate School of Usahid.

Dedi Kurnia highlighted the practice of mass media hegemony centered on West Java Province. According to his findings, the media that should be in the ideal concept as a source of knowledge of society, it is dominant to become an extension of the government in affixing political news.

“We see there is an ideal shift from the mass media, initially it was staying as a source of knowledge, today (media) is nothing but the extent of the state of the senses” he explained.

However, he does not neglect that there are still a lot of mass media in Indonesia firmly established on the right corridor, “of course this research only takes sample one industry (media) only, the largest in West Java” he continued.

Through the study, Dedi Kurnia confirmed as the youngest Doctor in Usahid Jakarta at the age of 27 years. He expected that the dissertation findings to be a reminder of the media industry, that the important basis of the existence of mass media is not to reap the benefits of capital dominantly.

“This becomes a serious matter, that the ideal existence of the mass media is a distributor of knowledge for the community, as well as the production machine, not the ruler of the ruler” he hoped.

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