27 Oct 2020

Digital – First Customer Experience: Delivering Excellent Digital – First Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era

Bandung, Telkom University – School of Business Economics Telkom University organized a Virtual Seminar entitled “Digital – First Customer Experience: Delivering Excellent Digital – First Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era”. This event was held on Friday (23/10) through the Zoom Meeting and broadcast live through the YouTube channel of SEB Telkom University. This Virtual Seminar was attended by 1200 participants from various backgrounds, namely students, lecturers, practitioners, and the general public.

Annisa Nurbaiti as the Chief Executive at this event explained that the purpose of organizing this event was to introduce technology, provide information related to innovation in the field of customer experience, introduce digital transformation and show the progress of Telkom University alumni in the technology industry.

“It is a need and an obligation for every business to compete with each other and understand the best experiences for customers. By holding this virtual seminar, it is hoped that all participants will gain knowledge and experience as well as technology and digital transformation, especially those related to innovation in technology-based customer experience which is currently unavoidable, “he said.

Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as the Rector of Telkom University opened this event. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya said that Industry 4.0 has a Digital Customer Experience concept which is very important because the sustainability of an institution depends on the institutional customers themselves.

“In this case, customer experience is a mainstay because from there we can create opportunities for new value creation so that we can responsively directly meet the needs of consumers, which are currently changing very rapidly. Of course, with the digital aspect, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, technology can capture the customer experience so that we can meet the needs of the customer, “he said.

The keynote speaker at this Virtual Seminar was Dr. Edi Witjara, CMA. as Director of Enterprise and Business Service Telkom Indonesia. Edi explained that there is digital segmentation in a customer first and customer experience.


“The key is digital that is useful in our daily lives, that is what indicates the success of application and service platforms. Technologies that will be concerned and sustainable are those that can make a major contribution to everyday life for many people, “he said.

Edi added that customer experience must be interpreted broadly. Through the customer experience, we get digitally valid information from anyone who collaborates with us, in this case, a customer. Edi hopes that this Virtual Seminar can provide motivation, especially for participants in competing to express their ideas in the use of digital technology in everyday life.

This event was followed by a panel discussion attended by several speakers, namely Agus Winarno as Chief Executive Officer of Infomedia Nusantara, Sri Safitri as DEVP of Customer Experience Digitalization Telkom Indonesia, Cut Noosy as Director of Customer Experience GRAB, Ahmad Nugraha R. as LivePerson Indonesia and Dr. Andry Alamsyah as Director of Digital Business Ecosystem Research Center at Telkom University.

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