30 Nov 2015

Discover Appropriate Way to Permeate the International Journal

BANDUNG, TEL-U – To advance the nation’s name in the international world of education is by writing research papers. The research papers are not only made, but also to be indexed in the search engine. So as to improve the publication into a better rank.

It was delivered by Professor of Computer Engineering, University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. Rini Fitri Sari, M.Sc., MM as a speaker in the International Journal Workshop which is organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Meeting Room Barung Building, Thursday (15/10).

“In writing papers, we need to find a quick way to search among a sea of ??extensive knowledge as the focus you want to target,” said Rini. According to her, the focus should be mastered by the researcher and also original. So that the focus can be added in science.

Rini explained, research and writing papers is a must complete work. The shape and the adoption of new habits that develop among researchers because of the demands of changing times. “Writing papers is a job that is iterated continuously, there is no finish line, but each step will bring us closer to the goal,” he said.

Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Ir. Pudji Rina Astuti, MT, hoped that this workshop could be useful for Telkom University. Rina said, one of the difficulties experienced by fellow lecturer is their writing have not to permeate international journals yet. “Hopefully this workshop and Professor Rini able to share strategies and ways of good writing to enter international journals,” said Rina. (purel / EAD)

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